Arm day

Hit my last arm workout before the deload week today.

Alternating DB curl 15kg 10 10 10 10

Incline curl 7kg 10 10 10 10

Rope push down 25kg 10 25kg 10 27.5kg 10 27.5kg 10

One arm push downs 8.75kg 10 10 10

Tricep push ups to failure x3 (got around 20 reps each set, felt pretty good)

Shoulder workout 19/09/14

Shoulder and trap workout went well but I can tell I am in need of a deload week now.

Shoulder press 27.5kg 10 10 6 (Major PR)

Shoulder press machine 55kg 10 60kg 10 65kg 8

Lateral raises 10kg 10 10 8 (followed by some one arm burnt out sets)

Cable row machine focus on lower traps 20kg 10 25kg 10

Face pull for lower traps 25kg 10 27.5kg 10 30kg 10

Upright rows cable 20kg 10 22.5kg 10 25kg 10

Dumbbell upright rows 10kg 10 10 10

I then just did some additional plate shrugs and band pulls to fatigue the upper traps. Overall a great workout.

Chest Workout Wednesday 17/09/14

Went quite high volume today and did some barbell bench press for the first time in a long time because I was training with a friend.

Warm up sets and stretching

Barbell bench press 2X20kg 10 2x25kg 10 2×27.5kg 10 8

Chest press machine 85kg 10 75kg 10 65kg 10

Dips BW 12 10 10

Dumbbell flyes 14kg 10 10 10

I then did two triceps exercises:

overhead dumbbell extension 26kg 10 10 8 (major PR was very happy with this)

One arm push downs 7.5kg 10 6.25kg 10 10 (Usually stronger on these but my tris were quite fatigued by this point)

This workout went well and the next day my chest was aching all over, I will be focusing on flat presses for the next few months before I start introducing any major incline work.

Back and bicep workout

Had a relatively poor back and bicep workout as all the machines were being used at inconvient times etc I will be moving my back workouts to the Sports Center for the next few weeks until the college gym is less crowded. However, I do have a strong lat ache today which I guess is a good sign.

Pull ups 3 sets failure

Row machine 85kg 10 90kg 10 90kg 10

Lat pull down drop sets etc

Probably not worth recording the workout as it was very unstructured with a lot of drop sets.

Leg day 14/09/2014

Leg day went well, but was very demanding as per usual. If I do plan on converting to a 2 times a week for legs split in the next couple of months I will most likely have the following set up.

Leg day 1: Ham focus plus calves

Leg day 2: Quad focus plus calves

This weeks workout was as follows:

Warm up stretches etc:

Hack squat 36.5kg X2 10 10 10 10 10 (Finally completed this weight for full reps, time to move up)

Leg press Pyramid sets

100kg 10

150kg 10

200kg 10

230kg 10

Ham curls

42.5kg 10

47.5kg 10 10 6

Calve raises single leg machine 20kg 10 10 10

Plate loaded calve raise 35kg 15 12 10

BW calve raise to failure X3

I am thinking about introducing another exercise but I’m not sure which one to select, Possibly lunges or stiff legged deadlift.

Progress is going well and I have finally reached 160 pounds at a morning weigh-in!

Shoulders and traps

Hit front delts first. Then alternated between lateral and rear.

Main focus was DB shoulder press 26kg 10 10 10 5

Shoulder press machine 55kg 10 60kg 10 8

Lateral raises and rear delt flye supersets

Followed by Cable upright tows to warm up the traps

then DB upright row 12kg 10 10 10

Chest and Tricep

Dumbell Bench press 34kg 8 8 7

Incline flye 10kg 12 12kg 12 14kg 12

Chest press machine 70kg 10 80kg 10 85kg 6

Cable flye 10kg 10 10 6

Tricep one arm pushdown 7.5kg 10 10 10

Overhead extension and push up supersets